Wow you got to go and stay at a university?
I hope it's a private room. Hospital room-mates are even worse than those at university.
Darice Henriques
He's got Covid. It's probably solitary confinement ...
That might not be a bad thing. A private room is a luxury however it's acquired. These days especially. Oh, the horror stories I could tell.. especially for nursing homes.
Die Bärin
Gelobt sei Jesus Christus! In Ewigkeit! Amen!
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Thanks be to God!
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Eine offizielle Bestätigung des Gesundheitszustands von Kardinal Raymond Burke. Er kommt heute aus der Intensivstation und atmet und Gerät.
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Bonnes nouvelles du Cardinal Burke : de source officielle, il n’est plus ventilé et quitte les soins intensifs aujourd’hui. Il a pu parler avec sa sœur au téléphone. Merci mon Dieu, continuons de prier.
De Profundis