Other voice: Francis Wobbly on His Feet

At today’s General Audience, Francis entered the Paul VI Hall which has been conditioned to withstand the Roman heat, on his own.

According to Specola (, Francis looked well but had difficulties to walk the few metres from the upper entrance door to the papal throne (video below).

There were only a few people present, because Francis is especially popular with those who want to have nothing to do with the Church.


edison frisbee
What???! The Paul VI Hall has been air conditioned? Laudato Si for thee but not for me, eh Phony Francis?
Lord please give us good Sheppards even though we dont diserve them
Francis is in poor health? Cardinal Tagle, will you lead our shared prayer to end such distress to our Supreme Pontiff? ;-)
Fat and wobbly. Like his faith
Nice Masonic hall Francis is in
as usual