Dubia Cardinal Brandmüller Has Answered The Dubia

Talking to an Austrian webpage Cardinal Walter Brandmüller (88), one of the two living Dubia cardinals has answered the Dubia. Pope Francis refuses or is not able to answer them since September 2016.

1. Can married persons, who live in a second union as if they were married, receive absolution and Communion? no
2. Are there still absolute moral norms that apply without exception? yes
3. Is it still true that a person, who lives permanently in adultery, is in a state of mortal sin? yes
4. Can there be circumstances and intentions that excuse or even justify an evil act? no
5. Can the personal conscience justify exceptions to absolute moral norms? no

Picture: Walter Brandmüller, ©, #newsZaogfwddbb
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paul grech
Answering the Dubia as they should be answered would be too much and too straightforward for Bergoglio who cannot help obfuscating and distorting everything concerning morals.
@Dr Stuart Reiss It is not only a view, it's the truth.
there is only one Truth
Is this the highest legislator now or attempt to impair juridical correction?