Gerald May false phenomenology. Pope Benedict XVI is surely sober. Unfortunately, the disobedient mother got rid of him and provided Herself and her children with the stepfather. Logically a stepfather is not the real Father eventhough the kids would consider and call him their "father".
Gerald May
How many times does an alcoholic father hAve to relapse in order to cease being your father? The answer is that he never ceases being your father, it just makes him a drunk. Our present Holy father is drunk on the wine of modernism...but he is still the Pope!
How many heresies does Francis have to commit before he strikes out?
Francis and heresy seem to go together very well
Joseph a' Christian
False Francis, an ongoing avalanche of blasphemy, has no authority over faithful Christians.
Jesus stated, I Am The Way. We faithful firmly embrace the Holy Teachings-Commands of our True Master, Jesus the Son of the One Almighty God.
We can NOT serve two masters.
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