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New Amazon Low Point: "Pagan Rite Is Divine Service"

"So what," Father Paolo Suess, 81, replied before (October 17) to the objection that Francis' Amazon Synod opening ceremony in St. Peter's could haven been a pagan rite.

Suess whose true name is Paul Günther Süss, originates from Cologne, Germany. He lives since 1966 in Brazil.

"Even if that would have been a pagan rite, it is still a divine service," he claimed. A rite has "always something to do with worship" and paganism "cannot be dismissed as nothing."

Süss is an ally of Austrian born Bishop Erwin Kräutler, who considers baptism a symbol of "colonialism". The two were received in April 2014 by Pope Francis in private audience.

Süss is regarded as co-author of the working document of the Amazon Synod. He studied in Brussels, Münster, Leuven and Munich and taught "Missiology" in São Paulo. For a few years he was also active in pastoral work. He received an honorary doctorate from Bamberg and Frankfurt.

Picture: Paul Günther Süss, #newsFyxokiagab

Novella Nurney
He is technically correct, write always does have something to do with worship. The Catholic church, however, does not worship SATAN! All the God's of the Pagans are DEMONS. Vile, retrobate heretic.
Hugh N. Cry
Crazy old fool
Dr Bobus
So according to him the Aztec practice of human sacrifice was also a Divine Service
Don't give them ideas. ;-)
He refuses to recognise any distinction between worshipping false gods and worshipping the true God.
there is only one Truth ,and is Jesus Christ
Jim Dorchak
Satan's little helper. SO WHAT! What are you going to do about it! The One and Only Pope and our Holy Father is in Charge and on Satan's side! So What..........