The Cardinal Was not “Edifying” Enough

Julian Arroyo Pomeda, a Madrid philosopher, accused Barcelona Cardinal Omella on (August 1) of not having been “edifying” when he challenged absurd coronavirus rules presiding a Eucharist in Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia.

Arroyo belongs to those who love accusing the Church of being “legalistic” and “narrow minded,” but when it suits them, they insist on the law.

The Church has “not respected the established norm” – he complains. Omella stressed that the government allows tourists into the church but not the faithful. Arroyo wants to see “whether the cardinal must follow orders, like everyone else” [except the tourists].

“Are the established rules no longer valid here?” – Arroyo asks naively, as if the law were the same for everybody. The Catalan government has ordered disciplinary proceedings against Omella.

Picture: Juan José Omella, #newsMfyzttxgdr

Mr. Pompeda needs to check the definition of "edify". ;-)