Francis in Canada: Hypocrisy and Polemics

During his Canada trip, Francis is trying to avoid too obvious pagan ceremonies and corresponding photos.

A July 25 pagan “smudging” ritual did take place at the Muskwa Park in Maskwaccis prior to his arrival, so did a smudging ceremony announced at Edmonton's Sacred Heart Church on the same day.

At his July 26 trip to the Lac Sainte Anne, there was a crozier with some kind of spiderweb or dreamcatcher behind Francis who didn't use it. When he arrived at the church, some Indians created a pagan atmosphere by screams, drums and rattles (video below). Francis said that he wants a church that "is against no one.”

He contradicted these hypocritical words when he repeated his cheap polemics against Roman Rite Catholics during an open-air July 27 Eucharist at Edmonton football stadium,

“We need to be careful lest we fall into a caricature of tradition, which is not vertical – from roots to fruits – but horizontal – forwards and backwards. Tradition conceived in this way only leads us to a kind of 'backwards culture', a refuge of self-centredness, which simply pigeonholes the present, trapping it within the mentality that says, ‘We’ve always done it this way’.”

Francis caricature of "tradition" corresponds to his own understanding of it as he tries to canonise the failed Pastoral Council and the decadent 1960s.


Lisi Sterndorfer
"We've always done it this way" is the definition of Apostolic Catholicism. Rejecting at least one truth that Christ gave to the Apostles is called "heresy." Rejecting everything Christ gave the Apostles is called "apostasy."
la verdad prevalece
Bergoglio betrays Christ and the Church in collusion with Marxist radicals.
Live Mike
He gives new meaning to an old American Indian proverb, "White man speaks with forked tongue."
Catholic's don't speak like this man
Salvatore Bastatti
Well said, Gloria TV!
la verdad prevalece
Bergoglio also used an indigenous pagan stole.
la verdad prevalece
Bergoglio is obstinate in his acts of apostasy that have their roots in Argentina.