Hints? Is Francis About to Come Up With A Homosex "Blessing"?

The anti-Catholic lay-liturgist Andrea Grillo admired by the Liturgy Prefect Arthur Roche, claims on CittadellaEditrice.com (June 26) that homosex “blessings” are possible.

The text was republished on the Vatican-linked IlSismografo.blogspot.com indicating that this could be the Vatican’s party line. Grillo fools the reader into thinking that “fidelity to the [homosex] relationship and the indissolubility of the bond do not create problems.” However, ethics call such a “fidelity” in evil "vice," and psychology calls it "addiction."

The prefect of the Congregation of Doctrine, Cardinal Ladaria, said in February 2021 that sin cannot be blessed. But his five-years term will end on July 1 and he may be replaced by a homosexualist. Truth has a short expiry date in the Vatican.

Picture: © D.C.Atty, CC BY, #newsRwmqapvrea

Carlos Santos
They all dance around it like moth to a flame. It will burn them when God decides.
Our Lord will have the last word on that.