Laura Yunque
This is a great visual. If they all stayed home it would have had the same effect, yet visuals are essential these days. We need to see others stand up to these tyrants.
Roberto 55
...and US southern border has almost no restrictions, so jihadis can freely access US and Canada too.
It is (for me) absolutely clear that globalist want destroy North America, EU and Aussies...
Les Crispi
I'd hate to be stuck among those trucks, simply trying to get to work.
Bazsó-Dombi Attila
So they have to do the dirty job for your confortable jobbing...
Les Crispi
I was making a joke. I support the truckers. And by the way, my life isn't that comfortable. No running water. No heat. No job.
Bazsó-Dombi Attila
Is your missing job linked to the tirannically downlocked society?
Les Crispi
That's part of it. There are other issues too. Where I live. A back injury. Many people think all Americans are rich. THere are poor, destitute people everywhere.
Bazsó-Dombi Attila
I am sorry for your situation. I know well that America is not the so called dream-land at all.
Les Crispi
For some it is. America really is a great place. But it's just life. Everyone around the world can be lucky, can be unlucky, etc.
perhaps next time you wish to make a not so obvious joke put /sarc/ at the end...indicates sarcasm
Les Crispi
@laurelmarycecilia I think what I said is so ridiculous that the intention speaks for itself. But whatever.