Catholic University Accuses Priest of “Abuse” to Get Rid of Him

Father Luis Talló Figueroa, a theology professor, was fired on February 4 by the Catholic University of Salta, Argentina after two students alleged, he had asked them for "sexual favors" in exchange for good grades (AbcDiario.com.ar, February 15).

Talló denied the accusations asking police to inquire and to find the witness statement which the University withheld.

Police only found a brief student complaint unrelated to what Talló was accused of. The case was dismissed.

Talló explains, the University looked for an excuse to fire him without paying compensation, because job opportunities at the University decrease. In 23 years of service he never had any problems.


Abuse is very convenient for settling scores, and if you want to get rid of an enemy, you accuse him or have him accused of... and then the salad basket comes and gets him, and you're off the hook... Awful!
Based on the article, it's a clear case of wrongful termination... hopefully protections against that exist in Argentina