Vigano: Church of Council don Realise Masonic Plan, dey Prepare for Coming of Antichrist

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano no beleive say the Vatican publish the third secret of Fatima completely for 2000.

Vigano tell Dieslrae.pt (April 21) say people wey see the secret before dem publish am say e dey tok about Church apostasy wey no appear for official version.

Him blame Cardinals Sodano and Bertone for dis, and e dey strange say im pass the fact say Cardinal Ratzinger follow for the publication and even write the official interpretation of the secret.

Vigano warn say priesthood go suffer attacks like say dem go introduce deaconesses, stop celibacy, and come make am hard may people know the difference between baptismal and ministerial priesthood.

Him gues say: Francis no go officially allow female deacons but im go tolerate dem quietly if German or Dutch dioceses go ahead. Him stress say na so dem take introduce to receive communion for hand. After dat, "Conseratives" fit claim say "the Pope never allow anytin new."

For Vigano, the Council Lumen Gentium comit "doctrinal error" as dem turn priests to "presiders" of assemblies. Him suggest say make dem treat the Council like the Pistoia Synod wey get errors and wey dem bury troway.

Vigano observe say after the Council, dem replace the Church of Christ with “modernist and masonic” neo-Church way "see imself as the spiritual arm of the New World Order, and as the wan wey dey defend Universal Religion",.

This, for am, follow for the masonic plan wey dey prepare "the advent of the Antichrist."