Less than 2153 Persons Run the Whole World – And the Media

In this world, 2,153 super-rich own as much as 4.6 billion simple people together, according to Oxfam, a British confederation of charitable organisations.

The richest 1% hold more than twice as much net wealth as 6.9 billion people.

The poorest half of humanity - about 3.8 billion people - own less than 1% of the global wealth. All big media are owned by the super-rich and defend their positions.

Picture: © World Economic Forum, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsOlayipivoj

Oxfam, a confederation of charitable organizations ??? ... Like all subsidized NGO's and Amnesty International, supports Oxfam abortion campaigns.
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Better for them had they never been born. They will have an eternity of regret and pain
In 2013 World Freemasonry simultaneously chose two communist Atheists to control humanity. Jorge Bergoglio and the Chinese Communist President Xi Jinping.
2013年,世界共济会同时选择了两名共产主义无神论者来控制人类。 豪尔赫·贝格里奥(Jorge Bergoglio)和中共主席习近平。
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2153 people will have to answer to God someday...devils
Each of us should thank God our Father that we are not counted among those 2153. We have a much easier, safer, and blest road to heaven than any of them. Guy, Texas