Why is it that bishops tolerate heretical priests for decades but very quickly punish faithful priests?
It must be because they are in sympathy with the heretics and are infuriated by faithful priests

BREAKING: Bishop Callahan CANCELS Fr. Altman

Bishop William J. Callahan, the bishop of La Crosse, Wisconsin, today issued a decree removing Fr. James Altman as pastor of St. James the Less and …
De Profundis
St. Thomas Aquinas concurs: "Now sometimes the things commanded by a superior are against God. Therefore superiors are not to be obeyed in all things." (ST II-II, q. 104, a. 5)
Darby D Dillion
Christ was cancelled, too!
Fr. Altman should be proud of being fired! Fr. Altman, teaches TRUTH. How many more Catholics will leave now Bishop?!