It's OK to be a Woman

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It's OK to be a Woman
Posted By Raylan Alleman at Monday, May 16, 2016
I have great news for you ladies out there: It’s OK to be a woman. Actually, in many cases it’s a wonderful thing. If that’s the gender in which God created you, it’s a beautiful thing to be a woman. It appears that at least in the Western world today, being a woman is just totally unfair, and instead you have to be just like a man. And if you can’t be just like a man, you have to join a brigade of militant feminists to fight for your rights to be just like a man. Why, after all you should even be able to go and die for your country if you feel so inclined.

The problem with all these agenda of the militant feminists is that they are hostile to those women (most) who wish to just be ladies. This has taken on all sorts of manifestations in all spheres of society. A little girl is immediately sent to school once she is a certain age to begin the indoctrination. She will start out in pre-school and may wish to play with a baby doll which is natural but then is forced to play with a tractor that she really has no interest in. During the course of her academic career she my feel in her heart that she wants to be a wife and mother in the home as our Church elevates, but she will be humiliated and coerced into choosing a field of study that will propel her into a “fulfilling and lucrative career” so that she won’t have to depend on her husband. If she manages to hold to her convictions and does find a man who will value her femininity to marry and they live as the Church teaches being open to children and having a large family society will look down on her as a second rate citizen. Oh, but those types won’t have the courage to say so to her face. They are polite up front. When asking a committed full-time wife and mother what she does and receiving the response, they will say something like “Oh, that’s so good” with a polite smile, while really thinking in the back of their minds “Oh that poor, poor woman. She’s trapped.” They see her as second rate because she is not producing an income. They would never say that. They will accuse the husband as seeing her as second rate because he is “forcing” her to stay home and not “allowing” her to go out and work.

These are all defense mechanisms that naturally kick in to those who have been blinded by the feminist lies all around in our society. They take on various degrees, forms, and manifestations. I heard of probably the most severe one recently from a friend. His little girl had a severe illness that required an extended hospital stay and some long-term treatment. He and his wife have 7 other children, and his wife is a stay at home mother. During the course of the hospital stay and treatment there were various levels of male and female healthcare providers that cared for the little girl-nurses, techs, medical students, fellows, interns, doctors, and specialists. They each individually noticed a stark contrast among ALL the providers with one possible exception. ALL of the male providers were very attentive, compassionate, and connecting with the little girl, making sure she was comfortable, asking if she needed anything, even what her doll’s name was. ALL of the female providers (except possibly 1) were all business, cold, with no bedside manner. They were stunned. They asked a medical provider who also would be one to see things as they do from a religious and philosophical standpoint the reason for this contrast. They were told that it is a clear defense mechanism. Those women see a mother with a husband and many children and realize they are never going to have that kind of life. They have accumulated so much debt and are so far into their commitment to their field that their job will be their life.
For Catholic women, it’s not supposed to be that way. This situation is an outgrowth of a Western covetous culture that values possessions over people. The contraceptive pill has destroyed the family fabric of our culture and is a fundamental tool of this lifestyle. It is what robs a female of her womanhood. When a female is sexually active she will normally eventually become pregnant. That’s what healthy females do. For a Catholic woman, this should only be within the loving permanent commitment of a marriage so that the child will be raised in a functional normal household with a mother and a father. Pope Francis has said that children deserve this. If she doesn’t become pregnant then something is wrong; she is said to be “infertile.” Contraception is not medicine. It makes healthy women sick and dysfunctional. Females who mutilate their bodies by removing their reproductive organs DISABLE their womanhood. This is an affront to God and His creation. Feminists will actually come out and say that women are not meant to be “brood mares, always pregnant.” What a disgusting way to refer to the transmission of human life, to give life to a soul. Catholics need to realize when they are being told or are themselves telling evil maxims of the devil. The Church has always elevated motherhood for married women and has always reinforced the primacy of bearing and raising children as the purpose of marriage. When women follow the pagan trends of a culture, they move away from the principles advocated by Holy Mother Church and degrade themselves.

We want you to know that it is not only OK, but actually beautiful for women to be women. Even further, it is VITAL for the culture to sustain itself. In the past when my wife and I have prepared couples for marriage, we would tell them some of these things. When telling us about themselves they would say the things they thought we wanted to hear and what society accepts as “responsible” like getting a degree and pursuing a career. When we would reply with the facets of a genuine Catholic lifestyle, they actually seemed relieved as though they knew it all along and would be happy to pursue this lifestyle. In most cases unfortunately, society and parental influence would override their natural inclinations (with the assistance of contraception). We see this and hear about this regarding many Catholic parents. I would just have to say to them to remember the words of the Lord with regard to the influence over children: “It would be better for him if a millstone were put around his neck and he be thrown into the sea than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin.” (Luke 17:2)

God bless you.