France: Atheist Ayatollahs Go to War Against a Statue

A group of atheists is taking Sables-d'Olonne to the administrative court of Nantes. Their sinister objective: the removal of a beautiful and innocent statue of St Michael from the square of a church.

A majority of the citizens, including city mayor Yannick Moreau, defends the statue. Moreau told (November 22) that everyone is happy about the statue “except two or three ayatollahs who want to rekindle the fires of 1905” [when a government of Church haters was running France].

“This work of art has its place in Sables-d'Olonne; the ‘cancel culture’ has none,” Moreau said.


Do they claim that the ancient dragon is offended?
Do not mess around with StMichael the Archangel the greatest warrior against evil
atreverse pensar
Of course, they hate their great enemy.