Pell Falls for Hollerich's and Marx's Double Game

Nearly two-thirds of the German bishops reject basic Christian tenets on sexuality because they believe Christianity no longer conforms to what they call "modern scientific knowledge" [= propaganda of oligarch media], Cardinal George Pell writes (FirstThings.com, September 22).

He regrets that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has not commented on either the German or Belgian bishops who want to "bless" homosexual liaisons. The forces that want to destroy marriage and whitewash homosexual acts "are working to spread their poison", Pell writes.

In his view, the [indecisive] Congregation must act decisively to correct the error and prevent further deterioration.

Pell explains that the Word of God is on dispute - not just the Catechism or Canon - and stresses that “we don’t know better than God.”

Although Pell should know better, he naively calls the fact that both Cardinal Hollerich (Luxembourg) and Cardinal Marx (Munich) have [hypocritically] claimed that they do not want to change doctrine [while openly working towards the opposite] a "welcome" and "good development".

Picture: George Pell © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsWifjyzcffy

He was always a politician the normal qualification for a prince of the church. 😉