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To Hell With Pastoral Care: Irish Bishop Forbids Mass

Bishop Fintan Gavin (56) of Cork and Ross has banned weekday Masses at St Peter and St Paul's Church in Cork, Ireland's second largest city (population …
John A Cassani
The last part of the last canon in the Code of Canon Law says that the salvation of souls is the highest law of the Church. That is not being followed to the least extent.
Jeffrey Ade
Definately plorizing the Masses! Also a communist!
Malki Tzedek
"Do this in remembrance of Me." It doesn't get much clearer than that. Any prelate who prevents the mass from being said is committing a grave derilection of duty as commanded by our Lord and Savior.
“They will then implore the majesty of God to shorten the time of trial and to give the Church a pastor who obeys Christ, who belongs to him, who loves him and who worships him perfectly.” Archbishop Viganò Calls for Abolition of the Novus Ordo
Paraphrasing Obama: "The Mass is the single biggest threat to our democracy for the masses".