Vatican Spokesman Attacks Catholic U.S. Archbishop

On July 15, Canadian Father Thomas Rosica, the English language media attaché of the Holy See Press Office, has criticised Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput who belongs to the Catholic wing of the Church, without mentioning his name.

Rosica condemned on critics of the controversial book Building a Bridge by the gay-ideologist, Father James Martin. Rosica refers to “some bishops’ messages” but Chaput was the only bishop who publicly criticised Martin's book. Rosica belongs to the pro-gay wing in the liberal church.

Further, Rosica discloses his personal fear of, as he puts it, “the dark, dysfunctional side of the Catholic blogosphere”, probably because he receives many criticisms from there.

Picture: Thomas Rosica, © Chris Adamczyk, CC BY-SA, #newsMmtfitcsou
GJA Taylor
This priest need flushed out like so many in Rome gathering around our humble Holy father.
Archbishop Chaput's criticism was so generous and limited it is amazing anyone could take issue with it. Except for people in left field, who brook no criticism.
They are so worried about this subject, I wonder why...
Roberto 55
It seems to me, that gay guys "rule" in Vatican.