Francis Explains Abu-Dhabi Declaration, Gets Caught Up in Contradictions

Kazakhstan Bishop Athanasius Schneider has obtained from Pope Francis a private clarification regarding Francis' controversial Abu Dhabi declaration.

The declaration claims that "the pluralism and the diversity of religions, color, sex, race and language are willed by God in His wisdom.”

Confronted by Schneider during a March 1 Ad Limina visit, Francis explained that "the diversity of religions is only the permissive will of God.”

Schneider called Francis' answer in front of (March 7) "very clear."

However, Schneider objected that the controversial sentence includes the diversity of sex and race which are positively (not permissively) willed by God.

At this point, Francis admitted that his sentence “can be understood erroneously”.

San Atanasio ora pro nobis
The mission of St. Peter is to confirm the brothers in the faith. The anti-Pope Bergoglio behaves like an anti-Peter; someone who is confirming them in apostasy and confusing many Catholics along the way along with the general public on what is Catholicism.
It's almost like Bergoglio has taken to the doctrine of Taqqiya (lying) like a duck to water.
Islamic theologians are extremely precise about the lies they tell. Technically, by Muslim standards, His Holiness is not engaging in Taqqiya, deceit for the purposes of spreading Islam. He is engaging in Tawriya, deceit through ambiguity and Kitman, deceit by omission as a way of justifying his anti-Catholic position to his subordinates.
More of the pontiff's ongoing "poor wording". What he told Bishop Schneider is not what he told Great Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmad Muhammad Al-Tayyib
The bigger picture is Francis did not ask for the conversion of muslims. He didn't even mention our Lord Jesus Christ. The mission of the Church is to save souls from hell. Not bow and make friends with satan. This was an act of submission to the devil.
Nice rug, shame about Francis.
If he knew it could be understood heretically then why does he not care to publicly correct it. The fact of the matter is that this man knowingly teaches falsehood by omission.
So true. Read the very good article of Sandro Magister:…/adultery-and-ho…
"Nice rug." 😀