This cannot possibly happen. The Pope has no authority to deny the teaching of the Popes. If he tries to, hre will be destroying the teaching authority that he exercises. God forbid that this rumour should be true !
Not even Pope Humbleness can decree a change to truth. The church that resides in Rome is an impostor. A Pope cannot teach that adultery is ok "in certain circumstances," or that artificial contraception is ok.
The Church might as well sell off all its properties and go out of business should it do this. I know I'd be in the front of the line for the SSPX, which will never go along with this.
This dangerous, disastrous decision would, according to research, affirm 87% of Catholic women contracepting. What is it the Catholic hierarchy can possibly see as a good outcome of answering as if a politician rather than answering to God? If 9 out of 10 people are murderers, this becomes a reason to condone murder? The exact opposite is true!
The revolution will continue unabated until such time as the measure of iniquity is filled up. Then, God will strike us. Woe to us!