Francis' Victim Stands Up Against New Duce

Arecibo Bishop Daniel Fernández Torres called his unjust dismissal by Francis on March 9 on "an incomprehensible arbitrariness …
Jan Joseph
Paus Franciscus, Vaticaan, is onderdeel van de Great Reset. Dit is weer een bewijs dat paus Franciscus door een staatsgreep aan de macht is gekomen. De links liberale hebben in 2013 een staatsgreep gepleegd in het Vaticaan en paus Franciscus benoemd als Paus.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
"“the governance of the Church is apostolic and not pyramidal, synodal and not autocratic." This, however, is Protestant talk.
@Rafał_Ovile The papacy isn't a popularity context. Benedict XVI resigned even if his sadly misguided Benedict Buddies won't accept it.
It is due time to recognize that there is living such a pope Benedict XVI. Otherwise you will be in continuous trial and tribulation untll the cowardice, dishonor and correctness is eradicated from your souls.
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Dear Mathathias Maccabeus , Thank you.
Self Abandonment to Divine Providence
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From what I have read. Bishop Torres is a good Bishop.
Ramon L Rios
Yes he is well loved and respected all over the island. My brother attends mass at the cathedral in Arecibo and in spite of being a layman, no professional standing or money Bishop Fernandez has taken time to help him. He is a true shepherd of the flock am praying for him this is a clear injustice
It so sad what is happening to the church .But God He is not sleeping
Hound of Heaven
It is time for his fellow bishops to re-assert their apostolic responsibilities and duties and defend fellow bishops who are unjustly bullied in this manner, while others, who flaunt their contempt for Catholic doctrine are protected and 'rewarded'.
Absolutely right!
Clericalism at its finest.