Germany: Cardinal Sarah Criticises German Christians

The West no longer wants a radical Gospel, Cardinal Robert Sarah observed in a homily read in German on Pentecost Monday in Bonn, reports Katholisch.de …
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Anyone have a link to the original article?
Duitsland is net als in de jaren dertig van de vorige eeuw van het padje af.
This is what you get when 'fathers' are willfully negligent, +Sarah. It's too late to berate the child you've helped create.
atreverse pensar
This cardinal wrote a book with Viganò, and then he was saying that he didn't know that Viganò writes in the same book.
I don't trust him.
atreverse pensar
He knew from the beginning that Viganò was going to write in that book.
If you look up the information about it, you will see.