Pope Francis summons bishops conference presidents to discuss abuse | CatholicHerald.co.uk

All the presidents of the world’s bishops conferences will meet in February 2019
angry bob
This is all smoke and mirrors. The time is over for meetings it's time for action!
Dr Bobus
Francis is a master manipulator. He's trying to change the subject.

First, he says that the devil is attacking the bishops through Vigago'. Then he calls for a meeting of all the heads of the episcopal conferences.

We'll all get together and protect ourselves.
paul grech
Why is he waiting 5 months if he really means to do something about this huge urgent problem?
It'll produce some long-winded handwringing written bueaucratese / corporate jargon the Conciliar Catholic bishops so adore. Several 🌲 s will be wasted in printing out this predictable junk.
Dr Bobus
A bureaucratic gimmick designed to direct the outrage away from Francis.
Waste of time and *our money* Jorge Bergolio must go, he is the ring leader!