Ousted Prior Goes Public

The Vatican ordered Brother Enzo Bianchi and three other members in May 2020 to leave the modernist Community of Bose, Italy, which Bianchi had founded.

They were never confronted with an accusation nor were they given the possibility to defend themselves, Bianchi writes in a March 6 statement.

Nevertheless, after the decree, Bianchi distanced himself from the community but couldn’t find a new residence which would have fit his needs and financial capacities. Bianchi suffers from advanced age, serious walking difficulties, kidney failure, and a heart condition.

Finally, the Vatican relegated him toCellole, Siena where Bose has a second house. For Bianchi, this solution is unviable:

• against Canon Law, he and his companions would have lost all monastic rights;
• they were given no guarantee that they could permanently remain in Cellole;
• they were not allowed to use the land in Cellole which is necessary for the kitchen garden and for water supply.
• Bianchi’s companions were forbidden to lead a community life and were considered mere caregivers.

Therefore, Bianchi refused the move. He could also not accept that the existing community in Cellole was disbanded in order to turn the building into a private home for him and his group.

Now, Bianchi is again looking for an accommodation.

"couldn’t find a new residence which would have fit his needs and financial capacities." -said a guy who already owns two homes. "...where Bose has a second house" Sure is poverty in here. :P
Someone too heretical for Francis must stink of sulphur, have flames coming off him.