Hundred Catholic Priests Stage Fast AGAINST GOD

Over a hundred priests from the Catholic Syro-Malabar Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly, India, have begun an indefinite hunger strike in front of Cardinal George Alencherry’s residence.

Opposing the requirements of their ancient rite, they refuse to celebrated the liturgy facing God, wanting instead to preside it in front of people, reports (January 12).

A compromise directive of the Synod of Bishops stated in August 2021 that the priest faces the congregation only for the first half of Mass and God for the second half. This compromise is rejected by the fasting priests.

The priests claim that around 350 priests wanted to join the fast but stood away out of fear for Covid.

Catholic clergy in India is currently experiencing the same kind of downfall that keeps afflicting the Western clergy since the times of Vatican II.

Picture: © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsCdjvxoryic

Cassandra Laments
This lot ought to remember that, at their personal judgement, anyone (who has been) refusing to face God will be facing Satan.
가입을 원합니다
They are on their way to top the (Pope Francis) charts! Protestant victory!
DefendTruth shares this
You can’t make this stuff up…
I totally agree.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Vatican II and it's "reforms" is a disease which spreads just like COVID-19. It attacks and infects everyone........except those who keep the Faith.
Ludovic Denim
The leaders are likely masonic and not only modernists.