GJA Taylor
Lots of bishops wish they could emulate the dictators tripe. Thank God they have no power and dont employ many to push around. God save us.
Demonic Madness
Experimental Drugs forced on People to combat a virus that over 99 percent of people survive.
I would like to see a televised display of nurses poking the RNA vaccine into all the cardinals at the Vatican.
atreverse pensar
Go, and save your soul.
Here an Exultet reference
Poison Ivy, izzat you? Curious how today's truly bad "bad guys" (as opposed to anti-heroes) in the DC/ Marvel universes are invariably white male capitalists. Meanwhile, Peter Parker has become "Miles Morales" .
evil laws
The text of the Vatican City State decree also leaves Vatican staff no possibility to object to the vaccine on conscience grounds, despite most COVID vaccines, including the Pfizer one taken by Pope Francis, being tainted by abortion.
But religious liberty is a right