Enoch Burke: Homosexualist Regime Releases Its Victim

After three and a half months (!) of detention the Irish High Court ruled on December 21 to release Enoch Burke from Mountjoy Prison which in the past has seen riots, overcrowding, and a "shocking" healthcare system.

Burke, a teacher, was incarcerated because he had addressed his pupils with the corresponding pronouns. When faced with a court order imposing on him "to call a dog a cat," he refused and, consequently, was jailed (sic!) to force him into submission.

Justice Brian O’Moore ruled that this was one of those rare cases where a coercive imprisonment should not go on, even though Burke has not submitted to the homosex regime.

The judge tried to turn the victim into a perpetrator, “It was difficult to avoid the conclusion that Burke was exploiting his imprisonment for his own ends” and that "Burkes continued jailing would only facilitate whatever he feels he is currently achieving by being in prison.“

O'Moore should also be incarcerated for three and a half months in order to give him a chance "to exploit" this experience.


Jo Santoss
Ireland has fallen.
Wilma Lopez shares this
Enoch Burke had been jailed in early September for contempt of court, after he refused to use transgender pronouns to refer to a male student in his class.
Credo .
'Thanks Be To God' (and all who prayed for this young teacher) Best news I've read in a long time! Often wonder whether the 'Gaelic' language has more than 2 pronouns for male and female? > 🙏 🙏 🙏
Malki Tzedek
Sadly, the reasons for his release are as addlepated as the original reason for his incarceration.
De Profundis
“To walk out of his will is to walk into nowhere.” - C.S. Lewis