PiusX Ordinations: Tune In For A First

The District of the USA of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X will ordain six deacons and three priests on Friday, June 11, at the St Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Dilwin, Virginia.

The ordinations will be performed by the former Superior General, Bishop Bernard Fellay. The candidates for the priesthood are Dominic O’Hart of Fermanagh, Ireland, and Phillip DeLallo and Jonathon Steele, both from St. Marys, Kansas, where PiusX faithful form the majority of the town's population.

This will be the first time, that St Thomas Aquinas Seminary will offer a livestream of such a ceremony.

The official PiusX webpage announces that the Ordinations are open to the public, but disinvites those "with symptoms that may be attributed to Covid-19" like "fever symptoms, loss of taste or smell," those who tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 14 days, and those who have been around an infected person.
Martin Luther was (and remains) a thorn in the side of The Church @Eva I doubt that means he was doing Christianity right. ;-)
Being a thorn in someone's side does not mean to be with Christ. But being NO thorn means to be not.
If you’re not a thorn in someone’s side, you’re not doing Christianity right... Mother Angelica.
That's why the Apostle wrote to Corinthians: we preach Christ crucified, to the Jews a scandal and to the Gentiles foolishnes. If they are not scandalized or don't ridicule then something is definitely wrong with the preacher.
Jan Joseph
Proficiat, Pius X is op de goede weg.
Jeffrey Ade
Ok yeah!