PiusX: Four Reasons Against Covid-19 Vaccines

Father Stefan Frey, the PiusX district superior in Austria, warns in his April newsletter “urgently” against receiving Covid-19 vaccinations. Other PiusX districts have spoken in favour of the vaccines. Frey offers four reasons:

1. The origin of the vaccines which are linked to “slaughtering” babies teared out from their mother's womb while still being alive. Receiving the vaccination supports the abortion industry whether one wants this or not.

2. The risk assessment: There are reports of severe side effects and numerous deaths after vaccination. Long-term damage cannot be ruled out. No one knows whether the mass vaccination will not lead to a global humanitarian catastrophe.

3. The proportionality: The 2020 mortality was within the framework of previous years and Covid-19, like the flu, is almost exclusively dangerous for those over 80.

4. In whose interest are the vaccinations? The evidence is becoming increasingly clear that the global vaccination campaign is in the service of a "political agenda" that wants to bring about a new world order, a socialist-style dictatorship that promises equality, justice, peace, and security - "as all dictatorships have done so far" - but takes away our privacy and freedom.

Picture: Stefan Frey, #newsRmeonnbtse