A divinely inspired move to keep the plaque, no doubt the tide against St Mackillop would have been the same, yet now she is a saint and so too will be Cardinal Pell. St Mary of the cross interceded for Cardinal Pell.
Pray for this very holy Cardinal. He has been 'crucified' while the Vatican cronies (especially those in the bank) will be rubbing their hands together with glee. One hell of a sham trial indeed. Read the evidence tbswv to see how the whole 'abuse' was physically impossible to carry out.
What do you mean "Sham trial"?
He was conviction on five sex crimes against children under the age of 16
Pell also committed sacrilege as his crime took place in his cathedral sacristy
while vested for mass.
paul grech
He was unjustly convicted by a typical kangaroo court similar to the sanhedrin. The evidence given was not only made up by a sick mind but was intrinsically improbable if not impossible and contradictory in detail. This was preceded by years of biased media coverage which made sure that Pell be seen as an ogre and could in no way be given a fair trial.
Although his lawyer Richter muddied the waters in his appeal statement.The Cardinal might consider sacking him
Maybe Cardinal George Pell’s martyrdom will bring real justice (near future) upon all the cowards in Vatican leadership that are hiding the truth with their silence 😡