Deception? Vatican “Challenges” Gaystapo Law When It Is Too Late

The Vatican made an "unprecedented" formal diplomatic objection to a draft Italian law which pushes for homosex ideology.

The so-called Zan law, which is currently being debated in Italy's Senate, seeks to shield homosex propaganda from free speech and to turn it into a regime sponsored state religion. It is named after Alessandro Zan, a neo-Communist parliamentary and homosex activist.

Monsignor Paul Gallagher, the Vatican’s Secretary for Relations with States, sent a note to the Italian Embassy.

It explains that the law reduces the freedom guaranteed to the Church by the Concordat because it would, for instance, force Catholic schools to indoctrinate the pupils with homosex propaganda.

Francis de facto backed the law before the Italian lower house passed it in November. Now, those parties in the Italian Senate which oppose neo-communism, criticise it.

It is an old trick of Francis to fake some last-minute opposition against anti-Catholic laws to fool the “conservatives.”

Picture: © lesalonbeige.fr, #newsQmttavfutp

Rémy André Boner
Mario Draghi at G7.
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