Italy: Coronavirus Police Bars Access to Churches

Castello d'Agogna parish priest (Pavia Diocese) was reported to the police. Although he did celebrate Mass without people, as prescribed by the State, his crime was that he didn’t lock the church doors.

Trevenzuolo parish priest, Father Alberto Antonioli (Verona Diocese), celebrated Sunday Mass with the door half closed. Therefore, a few dozen faithful entered. Police saw this and reported the priest. Later, on TV, he issued a tearful apology.

In Bedizzole (Brescia Diocese), the local mayor broke into the church, shortly before mass started, to make sure that no faithful were inside.

During mass, two municipal police officers were standing in front of the church.

After mass the priest reopened the church doors. The police officers immediately entered to see whether anybody was inside, writes LaNuovaBQ.it (March 10).

The priest said to the officers, "At the bar across the street, last night, they were partying until 3 o'clock, but you didn't go to check on them, did you?"

The day before, Saturday, the mayor checked on the number of people attending a funeral.

Clearly selective enforcement against Catholics. You can be certain they aren't pulling these "enforcement" games at the local mosques. The officers and mayor would simply be found stabbed to death a few blocks away. Or they'd go home and find their families butchered.