Viganò: It Is Possible That God Is Using the Pseudo-Pandemic

The "Great Reset", the last act before the coming of the Antichrist, has all the hallmarks of a religion, including its own language, ceremonies and priests, says Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò in an interview with Maike Hickson (Kultur Magazin,

Through the Covid-19 bans and the masking and vaccination rituals preached by Francis and his bishops, a Covid religion with hygiene rites and health sacraments has taken hold, Viganò says. For him, this is a parody of the Catholic liturgy, with the "dogmas of the health religion" being irrational, unreasonable and illogical.

As mortality rates show, Covid-19 is not a deadly virus, contrary to media fairy tales, Viganò notes. Effective Covid therapies have been banned, he adds. Deceased people are registered as Corona victims regardless of the real cause of death. Vaccination, which offers no immunity, is being imposed.

For Viganò, Covid is a pretext to restrict individual freedoms and fundamental rights and to create an economic and social crisis that will make the Great Reset irreversible. But Viganò hopes that Providence is using this "pseudo-pandemic" to show what will befall us if we do not repent but persist in offending God and breaking His commandments.

Viganò speculates that the "Great Reset" could fall apart when the interests of the main players come into conflict, for example, in the event of a possible sovereign debt default, with China allegedly suffering large losses in interest rates. However, the world's largest creditor is by far Japan, followed by China, Germany and Switzerland.

In a side note, Viganò repeats his likely baseless thesis that the Vatican received "generous funding in return" for its China deal, which betrayed the Catholics in China.


We all make mistakes dnt we /And he already said he repented for his .
Cuthbert Mayne
Some mistakes are intolerable - such as Hitler deciding he’d invade Poland, Trump not sacking Fauci sooner, Pope BXVi resigning, Cardinal Siri not accepting the Papacy after Pius XII, Pope John XXIII calling another Vatican council... to give but a few examples. In comparison, The mistakes I make, such as wearing mismatched socks in the morning, are of no consequence.
Liam Ronan
@Cuthbert Mayne I recall as a child growing up in the US we had a great many Good Humor men. They dressed in white and drove white refrigerated trucks that played a loud jingle. At every stop the children would flock to them with their nickles and dimes for a bit of ice-cold Good Humor.
Cuthbert Mayne
You just have to be old enough or intelligent enough to understand
Cuthbert Mayne
See above
One more comment from Cuthbert Mayne
Cuthbert Mayne
Yes you are. Quite pathetic
"[T]hat Antichrist is to come, is as categorical a heading to a chapter of history, as that Nero or Julian was Emperor of Rome." - Saint John Henry Newman
Cuthbert Mayne
The only pseudo thing is Vigano himself. He went along with McCarrick and other vulgarities and didn’t say a word against it when he had the power to change things. Now he peddles conspiracy theories and inventing drama about himself. Setting himself up as some standard against which others should be measured. He needs help.
When Cuthbert is right, he's right.
Jeffrey Ade
But what of the three days of darkness or the great monarch? What of the Reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary? Dose Vigano even believe in Our Lady of Fatima? Private revelation? He seems very post conciliar in his thinking!
“In every danger of forfeiting divine grace, we should think of Mary, and invoke her name, together with that of Jesus; for these two names always go together.” - St. Alphonsus Liguori
Liam Ronan
A world and times much like that uncannily imagined by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson in his 1907 novel "Lord of the World". Worth reading or even re-reading.
Cuthbert Mayne
Excellent novel. And you might also want to read ‘Come Rack Come Rope’ by the same author. The prose, the style, the command of the language and what a brilliant wordsmith. In fact any book written by Benson is an education in itself.