Answer to Coca-Cola’s pro-LGBTQ-campaign: #Godislove

#Godislove posters have been put up in 13 places in Budapest (Hungary) as a reply to Coca-Cola’s #LoveisLove campaign promoting the acceptance of same-sex relationships. The new posters feature a Roman Catholic priest and an excerpt from the Bible: “My Father’s house has many rooms” (John 14:1-27).

On the posters, there is a very popular vlogger priest, Father Andrew, who has his own video show on YouTube and is present on Instagram as well, hvg reported. The main message of the new campaign is that instead of being outraged by things they do not like, a Christian should believe in Jesus Christ because, in the Bible, it is clearly stated that “God is love” (Jn 4,16b).

The campaign – even backed by the Conference of Christian Entrepreneurs – is a game, too. András Hodász asks every Christian to take a photo with the posters, upload them to social media with a #GODISLOVE hashtag and write why they like to be Christians and what it means to them that they are associated with the living God.

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