Looks like it is from Veronica Luken, who was an absolute fraud.
The Transcript has NOTHING to do with her -- it is separate that is just engrafted on the beginning - -She had zero to do with it, Zero....
Carlos sexy
I want download this book
Nina Mroe
I want to download this book, how can I do that?
The book references an entity that calls itself "Judas Iscariot", a "human demon". It is heresy to assert that a human can be transformed into a demon, or that the soul of a dead man wanders beyond his final destination of Heaven or Hell. Extreme caution can only be taken if reading the book "Avertissements" or, translated, "Warnings".
Novella Nurney
It contains the heresy that human souls can become demons, as quoted above, and it references Bayside. So be on guard.
Actually humans in Hell can be allowed to come out if God allows -- they are not literal "Demons" but they are humans sentenced to Hell and aligned with the Devil for Eternity as a result -- they hate you and want you with them....So your reading this wrong.