Pakistani High Court ruled that 14yr old Christian Maira Shahbaz must stay married to her abductor Mohamad Nakash. If Appeal fails,Maira would be forced to be given back to her abductor.

Pakistani Court Rules 14-year-old Christian Girl Must Stay Married To Her Abductor

On Tuesday, the Lahore High Court overseeing the Punjab province in Pakistan ruled Maira Shahbaz willingly converted to Islam and married Mohamad …
Be Ye Separate
Pakistan is vile, their courts have no justice. They follow the liar Muhammad, this putrid deceiver denied the Holy Blood Sacrifice of our Lord Jesus.
Jesus Is Truth.
De Profundis
Imagine the fake news media headlines if a Christian man abducted a non-Christian girl, forced her to convert to Christianity, married her and then proceeds to fight in court to keep her.