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German Bishop Slams Fellow Bishops Publically As “Pre-Conciliar”

Bishop Gerhard Feige of Magdeburg, Germany, defended Protestant Communion while brutally attacking critics.

Talking to Christ & Welt (April 26), Feige even said that it would be “macabre” and “shameful” to miss the present “chance”.

He vilifies the seven German bishops who called on Rome to clarify the matter calling them “attached to a pre-conciliar view of the Church”.

Feige mentioned that the majority of bishops did not want to send the document allowing Protestant Communion to the Vatican for approval.

Picture: Gerhard Feige, © Thomas Guffler, CC BY-SA, #newsOlyxwvpacg
Enough! Put his diocese under Interdict and send the poor soul to a monastery to do penance for the sake of his eternal salvation.
Dr Bobus
He is attached to a post Christian view of the Church
Roberto 55
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