Schneider: Ideologist Francis Accuses Others of "Ideology," Wants "Another Faith"

In Communism, news presented exclusively Communist ideology, Bishop Schneider told (October 8), while in this "so-called pandemic time," official news is "all the same from morning to evening, continuously brainwashing the people."

Schneider reminds that in democratic societies, it's legitimate to doubt the official narrative while in Soviet times, dissenters were labelled “enemies of the people” and in Covid propaganda they are called “enemies of health” or “enemies of the neighbour.”

“We are living in a society of lies, and this is communism — substantially, intrinsically a system of lies,” Schneider concludes.

He further observes that Francis seems to “have a very deep antipathy” toward the Roman Mass, “a kind of complex against the past of the Church” wanting “another Faith” but behind this "is an ideology.” Francis accuses priests and faithful to be "ideologists" but in Traditionis Custodes "he demonstrated to the entire world a clearly expressed ideology."


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