Benedict XVI Now Uses a Translator

During Benedict’s recent interview his voice was so weak and incomprehensible that Archbishop Gänswein had to “translate.”

This curious observation was made by the interviewer Massimo Franco. However, Benedict was nodding while Gänswein translated, as a sign of his approval.

Benedict said during the interview that his resignation was difficult but right, that there is only one pope, and that Joe Biden is a practicing Catholic who is personally "against abortion." speculates that the Vatican used the interview to present a weak Benedict in order to signal his imminent death.

The article also mentions that Benedict wears his watch on the left wrist while he has a watch-like alarm device on his right wrist. Such devices are often used by the elderly in order to enable them to call for help in emergency situations.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsTpgvlrhutt

"in order to signal his imminent death." Or maybe the interview just shows Benedict really IS weak. He's also said a bunch of things his fanboys are gonna hate which is always nice.
Hugh N. Cry
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