Updates From Benedict XVI In Bavaria

Regensburg Diocese published news from Benedict XVI's stay in Germany.

On Thursday, Georg and Joseph Ratzinger concelebrated Mass together. Then, Joseph returned very tired to Regensburg seminary where he is lodged. In the evening he payed another visit to his brother.

On Friday, Joseph ate Bavarian “pretzel” for breakfast. In the forenoon he concelebrated Mass for the Feast of the Sacred Heart with his brother.

For lunch he ate apple strudel.

Picture: Fondacione Ratzinger, #newsWzgnbhhert

God bless and keep the Pope. His sufferings are a witness. Hopefully he can somehow speak against the impious Argentine Communist squatting in the Vatican, posing as Pope.
Roberto 55
Maybe his brother is not so sick when they celebrated mass together twice...
Maybe is something else behind this.
May God help him in these moments of approaching death.
See Blessed Anne Katherine Emmerich’s prophecy on the two “Popes” and what happens when the real one leaves Rome....