How Often Did Francis Mention Communism? Not Once

During his final day in Romania, Pope Francis beatified in Blaj seven Greek-Catholic bishops (picture) murdered by the Romanian Communists (1947-1989).

Marco Tosatti noticed that during the liturgy Francis succeeded in pronouncing the word “Communism” not even once.

According to Francis the seven gave their lives to oppose an "illiberal ideological system."

In reality they died because they resisted Communist plans to integrate the Greek Catholic Church into the Orthodox.

Eternal Rest grant unto them Oh, Lord... please pray for us dear martyred bishops. Pray for us, the living so we may we have the courage to endure in this life as you did when you walked this earth.
Jim Dorchak
I prayed One Hail Mary for each of these courageous men.
Shades of Vatican II, for those who still remember. Communism? Pic Related
Communists were ferocious towards Greek Rite Catholics giving their churches to their Eastern Orthodox puppets and agents, with many becoming martyrs. Francis likes Communism, likes meeting them and betraying Catholics to them, like in China.
Pope Frankie is trying to integrate Roman Catholic Church into NWO's church or One World Government church. Thanks be to God for exposing them all.
Francis gave cover to his beloved communism. Lord send us a Catholic Peter.