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Austrian Deacon Dismissed From Police Chaplaincy Because of Public Opposition to Vaccine Mandate
Live Mike
Is this such a bad thing? Was he dismissed by servants of the "schismatic, covidian and false church of darkness" or the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church? Perhaps, after death, this brave deacon will be wearing his dismissal letter as a silver star for valor on Judgement Day.
@John A Cassani ...and since, in practice, that's how their authority works, open criticism of a bishop by a subordinate has its risks.
John A Cassani
@Werte The only tradition they believe in is the one about a bishop’s absolute authority.
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Like.. Sacraments Weapon in S.Korea.
National Churches –
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All these leftist cardinals - who usually tolerate just about everything - seem to be pretty authoritative when someone disagrees with them.