Emotional Cardinal Angelo Comastri today, in tears

He prayed the last few Hail Mary's of the rosary with some faithful in St Peter's Basilica, invoking the intercession of Our Lady, Health of the Sick, to end this coronavirus covid-19 pandemic.
And the angels, who were the guardians appointed by God to watch over man, wept that man had ceased to look heavenward and to heed their admonitions.…/todays-forecast…
I wonder how many bishops and priests have cried due to the untold number of lost souls that have occurred as a result of Vatican II?
If you got a dollar for each crying cleric, you just might be able to buy a McValue-Meal. That's assuming you ask for lemonade instead of soda.
Jesus wept and he was man. This Cardinal is talking from the heart. God bless him and may other priests and Cardinal learn some compassion.