Both of you sound like you need a history lesson on Freemasonic ideals, formations and actions. Try Chiesa viva publications.
Cuthbert Mayne
This chap is a lunatic.
You call him a "lunatic", but don't you find it odd that he's walking through the streets of the great city of Rome, and there isn't a another soul to be seen?
Cuthbert Mayne
That’d be like saying - the traffic light just turned red, I must be a Martian
He doesn't come around here much anymore. GTV isn't his blog where he can delete every comment exposing his (at times, seemingly deliberate) errors regarding the Canon laws governing Papal resignations. On GTV, his comments are fair game for anyone who can read what Canon law says, read what he says Canon law says, and spot the differences between the two.
hope youre right ...but reality is far beyond blinded foolish of "normal people"
Cuthbert Mayne
Pray tell what’s the alternate reality?
@Cuthbert Mayne ... since you asked... :D
Dr Bobus
Is the Communist government of China also Masonic?
There you go again, trying to use logic to counter irrational belief. I know, I'm guilty of doing it myself.
Excellent, except your opinion on POTUS DJT of USA who is God's anointed one.