Pell: “Francis Has Confused People”

Cardinal George Pell never approved of Benedict XVI's resignation and believes against all evidence that Francis has a "great gift of empathy and sympathy" (September 23 webinar reported on NcrOnline.org).

About those scandalised about Francis, Pell said that some “wonder just what is being taught” at the moment. He claimed that Francis has a gift, like Jesus did, "of reaching out to those on the peripheries and sinners” - while in reality he only reaches out to journalists and confirms lapsed Catholics. This reaching out "can and has confused people," Pell admits.

Pell's solution is suicidal obedience, "We have to respect the office, reverence the man and obey the papal directions.”

Regarding environmentalism, Pell recalled examples of climate change when the Rhine dried up twice in the Middle Ages [and, for good, after it had flown into the Tiber]. Pell doubts that men can "prevent" climate change, pointing at the “vast distance" between evidence and policy recommendations. About climate panic he says, “Pagan people like something to be frightened off.”

Pell expressed his dislike for a small, little elite Church, “I would like to keep as many of the semi-religious slobs like myself in the stream.”

Picture: George Pell, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsDomhauhsab

Not half!
John A Cassani
"We have to respect the office, reverence the man and obey the papal directions.”- George Cardinal Pell-
Truth is, he’s right, if it’s the true Pope he’s talking about.
That is a big and by now incredible "if".