Francis' "Stuck in the Past" Rhetoric Sounds Funny

The “real challenges" for consecrated life is not to remain "stuck in nostalgia for the past" or "simply keep repeating the same old things." Francis who is famous for repeating the same old things time and again, said in his Candlemas homily on February 2 which is observed as the World Day of Consecrated Life.

According to Francis, "we need patience and courage in order to keep advancing, exploring new paths, and responding to [alleged] promptings of the Holy Spirit.”

Francis' "stuck in the past" mantra sounds funny after his fierce apologia for Vatican II, a failed pastoral council which was held over 50 years ago.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsRmwkrrsyfo

"responding to promptings of the Holy Spirit.” -the "same old thing" he repeats every time he introduces something contrary to Canon Law or the Catechism of The Church. Never mind the Magesterium since, according to the current Pope, that's whatever he says it is.
Our Lady of Good Success of The Purification Pray for us.