John Paul II: Canonising Popes Is “More About Ecclesial Politics than Sanctity”

“It is a mistake to canonise popes (or anyone) quickly after their deaths,” Jesuit Father Thomas Reese writes in context with John Paul II’s entanglement in the McCarrick scandal (, November 17).

Time is needed to examine any person’s life, Reese explains. John Paul II reduced the waiting period from 50 to five years, Benedict XVI waived even this for John Paul’s beatification.

Canonsations of Popes are a “special problem” for Reese because they are “more about ecclesial politics than sanctity” and opposing them “is portrayed as disloyalty.”

Supposing that saints are models to imitate, he asks, “How can anyone who is not pope really model him after a pope — unless he is a cardinal who wants to be a pope?”

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsRhrnoqhmja

Mistake or not, Saint JP II did intercede for at least two documented miracles. I'm already looking forward to the documented miracles the Church will undoubtedly find for the Blessed Carlo Acutis. "Through his intercession I set a new world record for Super Mario!" "My Pokemon figurine collection has remained completely dust free for over a year because his picture hangs over them!"