Cardinal Sarah’s Successor: Another Useless Appointment Is Imminent

The new prefect of the Liturgy Congregation who will succeed Cardinal Sarah, may be appointed before Ascension.

One candidate is the Congregation’s current visitator, Castellaneta Bishop Claudio Maniago, another Tortona Bishop Vittorio Francesco Viola, both of them blind Francis followers.

A source told catholicnewsagency.com that Francis considers to incorporate the Office for the Pontifical Liturgical Ceremonies headed by Francis' Master of Ceremonies, Monsignor Guido Marini, into the Liturgy Congregation.

Marini would then be made archbishop and appointed secretary of the Liturgical Congregation in place of the current incumbent, Archbishop Arthur Roche. But this is unlikely because Roche is anti-Catholic and will therefore not be replaced.

According to other rumours, Marini could be made a bishop and shunted off to Tortona, while Bishop Viola would rise to become prefect of the Congregation. After his private audience with Francis in January, Viola has scaled back all his long-term activities.

However, it doesn't matter who will become the Prefect of the Liturgy Congregation because the Catholic liturgy is a mess and the Vatican hast lost control over it.

Picture: Vittorio Francesco Viola © Conferenza Episcopale Italiana, #newsBbsaywelyt