Parish-Priest Has 13 Churches - and Works As Covid Inoculator

Congo born, Father Vital Nlandu, 58, a trained nurse, works in a Covid vaccination centre of Malmedy, Belgium.

Lameuse-Verviers.sudinfo.be (April 19) reports that Nlandu has already vaccinated dozens of people although he doesn’t do the job every day.

He is the parish-priest of Malmedy and surroundings. Since 2018, he has also been the dean of the area.

His pastoral unit consists of thirteen churches and chapels, nevertheless, he still finds time to work as a nurse. When working for the vaccination centre, Nlandu dresses like a nurse, but in his parish he never appears as a priest.

Picture: Vital Nlandu © Diocèse de Liège, #newsToiyxkgnde

Cuthbert Mayne
And who’s working in his parish in the Congo?