Novus Ordo Group Accepts "Priestess" - Even Without Ordination

Effretikon Parish in Chur Diocese, Switzerland, staged an August 28 farewell Eucharist for Monika Schmid, a pastoral helper [monthly salary above 10'000…
Chat Chartreux
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Can. 907: In the Eucharistic celebration deacons and lay persons are not permitted to offer prayers, especially the Eucharistic prayer, or to perform actions which are proper to the celebrating priest.
Lisi Sterndorfer
It looks as if a woman is attempting to concelebrate at a Catholic Mass; the celebrant ignores the rubrics. There is no sense of reverence for our Lord, truly present. Pretty egregious abuses that will seriously damage the faith of those present. What a mess we're in.
Probably because they never believed in Ordination in the first place?
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Just one more "unique expression of the «lex orandi» of the Roman Rite", brought to you by the parish of St. Martin Illnau-Effretikon/Lindau/Brütten (, in the Diocese of Chur, Switzerland
De Profundis
Arthur Roche permits this Protestant ceremony while calling traditionalists Protestants.
Liam Ronan
I wonder how many attached to the Novus Ordo would take St. Pius X's Oath Against Modernism (rescinded by Pope St. Paul VI's CDF 1967)? Some religious orders still do. Perhaps it would be edifying for Pope Bergolio to take it openly and without reserve.
Agatha James
The NO will be kicking out trad and inviting the old Catholics back.
It's a different religion. Not Catholic.
They're protestants masquerading as Catholics plain and simple.
Whatever religion that is, it's most certainly not Catholic. It's obvious that many parishes are no longer Catholic.
Louis IX
Angela Merkel?